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Main Sections & Topic Summaries
Introduction General introduction, layout, construction, future plans, 'sex & drugs & rock & roll' warning.
Alex Van Starrex Biography, Genealogy, Related information, my Book, Computer-disks, plus musical references.
Amiga Computers Introduction & history, AVS-Amiga Story and Disks, Music & Software, Amiga Links, Search-page.
Art & Film 3D-Art, Anime & comics, Artists, galleries & museums, Movies, Photography (cameras & projects).
Australia & Sydney Introduction, General, Food, Shopping, Sydney attractions, tourism & travel (plus search engines).
Books & Writing Introduction, retailers & distributors, writers, writing-tools (plus related search engines).
Esoterica & Religion Buddhism, zen & Tibet, Castaneda/Tensegrity, Metaphysics, Philosophy, Religion, Weirdness.
Internet & Computers History, Exploration, General, People Newsgroups, Search Engines, Webcams, Web-site design.
Law & Politics Introduction to Australian and international law and politics, with related information and resources.
Mind & Body The Brain, Altered states, Artificial Intelligence, Health & well-being, Psychology, Sex & sexuality.
Music AVS-related pages, Bootlegs, Composers & performers, Tablature, MIDI-music, Miscellaneous.
News & Information Introduction, newspapers, radio, television, cinemas, theatre & dance (plus related search engines).
Science Introduction, General science , Magazines, Space & time (see other sections for more information).
World & Travel Introduction, cars, world history, languages, travel, maps (see also 'Australia', 'News & Information').
Feedback Introduction, Comments, Feedback (mailing form), plus Links and Bookmarks page.

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