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My father was once a photographer for 'The Ceylon Times'. And though he never took another professional posting in the field, he remains an avid fan of the art of photography to this day. Our house always had books of work by the pioneers and leaders of this field - Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier Bresson, and others. But there would only be recognition of my father's work in an occasional magazine.

My brother Rudi has been a freelance photographer for around two decades and, while being mainly based in Japan, has travelled the globe in furtherence of his craft. I look forward to announcing a website for him sometime soon, though a feature on his work can currently be found here.

distort I can take a mean picture myself, if I have to, but largely confine my picture-taking to the occasional overseas holiday - see the my travels page for details and examples. I have an Olympus Mju (Stylus in America) 35mm and a Canon A11 video camera (pictured here). I almost never use the Canon - unless it's for digitising images. What I am enthusiastic about is computer graphics, so the continuing development of digital cameras interests me no end.


The following 'camera' links are almost all for digital cameras - though the companies concerned also produce conventional and APS equipment. However, you'll have to rely on magazine comparison-tests - or do your own - if you want to find out which piece of equipment to actually buy. Readers who feel left out of such activities - through being unable to afford a new camera or scanner - might like to check with their local photo developers, as many can produce digitised images from existing photos or film at quite a reasonable cost.

I bought my first digital camera recently - a Hanimex Axis (see pic below). It was direct cheap at AU $ 249.00 - less than half the price of the next cheapest digital camera - because it doesn't have a viewing screen at the back (so what?) and it's only 640 x 480 pixels (ditto). It's a pity that the results are so poor.



NEWSGROUPSMy latest digital camera - a Casio Exilim EX-S2

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