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NOTE: This page originally featured CDs of my original music - which can now be found in the new site-section My Original CDs. I've decided to keep the page - but devote the contents to other people's music that I've "remastered", or otherwise re-recorded. This way the page still serves a useful purpose.

ORIGINAL MUSIC CDs - see the new site-section My Original CDs.

ORIGINAL CD-Rs (arranged in order of production)

I've started to make some CDs which might be loosely classified as "bootlegs". However, at present I am doing this mainly for my own personal reference. I'm far too busy with My Original CDs (and not sufficiently interested) to start going about recording, preparing and selling CDs to satisfy the insatiable appetites of obsessive collectors around the world. And I regard the production of as being far more important. In any event, the sound quality of my existing "bootleg" recordings is - by necessity - pretty poor.

- Chad Wackerman Group - Live - 1997 Music Expo: The original tape recording is a poor quality mono mini-cassette job, but I split the signal and used parametric equalisation prior to hard-disk recording. I just wanted so hear how the CD would sound - and the results are listenable, rather than enjoyable. The group here features a stand-in bass player, who I like better than the normal member. I have to re-do this CD, by adding reverb to the sound and re-equalising it.

- Led Zeppelin - Unreleased: This CD was assembled from the 'best' tracks in the four Led Zeppelin bootleg CDs in my CD collection. There are demos, rehearsals and/or unreleased tracks from each of Zep's seven main studio albums. I assembled this for my own personal reference, and as something of a protest against the continued repackaging of Zep's existing recordings without anything new actually being released.

- The Beatles - Get Back Sessions: I compiled the best tracks from the 3-LP mono bootleg "Black Album" and tweaked the sound a bit (but haven't removed surface noise or clicks). This is a collection of rehearsals, jams and fooling around by the fab four in January/February of 1969, recorded during the Get Back/Let It Be period - taken from the "rushes"of filming (hence the interruptions to announce camera takes).

- The Best Of... Miles & McLaughlin: These tracks are taken from John McLaughlin's recordings with Miles Davis in 1969-70 - from the (vinyl) LPs "In A Silent Way", "Bitches Brew", "Jack Johnson", "Live-Evil", "Get Up With It"and "Directions". These tracks are arranged in chronological order, according to the recording dates. Whilst most of the tracks are excerpts, I tried to avoid featuring a series of guitar solos.

- Bill Nelson - Acquitted By Mirrors (best of 1979 to 1983): After the break-up of his band BeBop Deluxe, Bill Nelson started producing an assortment of quirky, often bizarre recordings - usually solo, but sometimes with guests. This collection covers the period from the "Do You Dream In Colour?" EP to the "Chimera"mini-album.

- Mahavishnu Orchestra - Syracuse University NY, 12/5/72: The first of two CDs put together as a trade for some other live MO recordings (Cleveland 5/72 and a 2CD Tokyo 9/19/73). This is a remix of the "Inner Flamming (sic) Axe"CD - with better sound and more consistent volume. Between these CDs and "Between Nothingness and Eternity, I've now had my fill of live MO.

- John McLaughlin - Rarities: My second trade CD, and a real favourite of mine. This is a combination of early (pre-MO) JMcL solo and band recordings (e.g. from "Extrapolation", Lifetime, "My Goal's Beyond") with some rare MO tracks and two more modern pieces. It's also an excellent cross-section of jazz, rock and fusion music.

- Yes - Madison Square Garden 1974 (2CDs): This is a live performance of the complete "Tales From Topographic Oceans". I've had this on LP since 1994, but it plays at the wrong speed. I transferred it to cassette tape, then altered the speed-setting on my Yamaha MT120 and re-equalised the sound to get these 2 CDs.

- Yes - Stellar Attraction: I've had the 2LP set of this Patrick Moraz-era (soundboard recording) concert since the 1970s, and only had to delete one (non-essential) song to fit it on a single CD. Unfortunately one of the sound-channels intermittently cuts out.

- 1970 - The Hits: A compilation - taken from 3 very old vinyl albums, second hand LPs - of songs that I used to like when they first came out (plus a few thrown in for nostalgia's sake). There's a lot of scratches, surface-noise, skipping and some harsh editing (done by the original compilers), but it's still an enjoyable CD - for me anyway.

- Yes - Union Tour Live (2 CDs): I borrowed a friend's copy of the (unavailable in Australia) "Union Tour Live"to record this. It's a great concert to listen to, but unfortunately my DVD-player wasn't working properly (I since traded it in on a better model) - there are a few sound-skips.

- Electric Light Orchestra - Discovery + Wembley Live: I recorded the audio of this from a rented DVD. It's nothing special - I've since bought their official "Greatest Hits" CD.

- Sade - Lovers Live (best of): This was recorded from a rented "Lovers Live" DVD, and has a better selection then the official CD. I may yet buy the DVD, though.

- Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe - Dialogue: The AWBH "Dialogue" sessions (for their never-released 2nd album) are widely available as a 2CD bootleg (with added tracks), but the sound quality is bad. I've re-equalised it, stuck the best songs on a single CD and designed a new cover.

CD-ROMs, etc.

- The Best of Yes Live (MP3 compilation): This disc features over 9 hours of live Yes music, spanning their career from 1969 to 2000. All the recordingds are rare/bootleg, with sound-quality varying from dreadful to wonderful. This disc plays well in any DVD-player.

- (others): I have a number of discs of files downloaded from the 'net - MP3s, RealAudio, RealVideo, MPGs, QuickTime movies, etc. - a large collection of Yes, Beatles, John McLaughlin/Mahavishnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa, etc.


I don't mind trading any/all of the above discs for ones I may want - but don't regard myself as a "trader". These discs have primarily been made for my own use and enjoyment.


- Best Cartoon Themes From The 1960's: from my collected RealAudio and MP3 files.

- Neil Innes Live At The Basement: I recorded most of the show, but have barely listened to it.

- (any number of concerts/compilations): as noted in my Bootleg Recordings page.

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