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I recommend that return visitors check this page first - to catch up on what I've been doing recently, and what's been happening around me. I try to update this page at least twice a month. A lot of the more general, unchanging information that used to be here is now on the page called In My Life.

THE LACK OF UPDATES (written February 2004)

I've haven't updated much of this site for the past few years. The site will be 6 years old in April 2004 - and it's looking very dated. Many of the links and, no doubt, most of the search engines no longer work. I was hoping to do a major revamp when my ADSL connection comes through, but for the moment I intend to stay on a "dialup" - due to various technical problems and security considerations.

I have resisted the temptation to do a complete site-overhaul - mainly due to the historical importance of my September 1999 "Sydney Morning Herald" feature as the "Best personal site on the Web". I want to show had - and why - such an accolade was possible, which simply can't be done if the site has to be kept up to date at the same time.

Much has changed in the lives of myself and my immediate family over the last years - but the need for privacy dictates that this shouldn't necessarily be broadcast to the world.


**NOTE: From May 2003, there is a new section on this site - My Original CDs. This replaces the old/redundant "Feedback" section.** The section will take some time to establish and take its proper form, however. But it's worth visiting in the meantime, all the same.

- I marched for peace - on 16 February 2003. I've started internet dating again - at least for a while. I celebrated another birthday - on 14 February. I've got a new digital camera - pocket-sized Casio Exilim EX-S2 2.0 megapixel. I've been recording again - more solo-guitar works.


- I've built a new web-site: The Unofficial Yes 2003 Australian Tour Site - as part of my involvement with www.yesfanz.com - a group of people promoting (and celebrating) the September 2003 tour of Australia by the musical supergroup "Yes". This site has taken up up a lot of my time and is quite impressive, for fans and non-fans alike..

- For details of my recent solo-guitar CDs - check my Yes Tour Personal Page. This is now my best solo-guitar CD (along with my live "Brass Monkey" gigs) - copies will go out as needed.

- Many MP3s of mine are available online - at http://www.mp3.com.au/AlexVanStarrex/. As at mid-September 2002, I was the 25th most popular artist there. There were around 5,000 streams and downloads in the first 6 months.

- I've compiled a CD-ROM: "AXEOLOGY" - featuring my best work (mostly my solo-guitar songs) with the Yamaha APXT-1N from 1999-2001. There are 137 MP3s, 122 RealVideo clips and 65 Mpegs on it - together with player programs for PCs and Mac - all with a web-site style interface.plays The Beatles

- I now have over 100 original CDs available - having recorded a bundle with with my Philips CDR570 recorder, from my old tapes. Meanwhile two of my midi recordings are featured on a compilation set - "Cyberian Khatru" - produced and distributed through the alt.music.yes newsgroup.

- As for playing live: I've compiled and rehearsed a group of my original solo-guitar songs - with the hope of eventually travelling and performing both locally and overseas. I don't have any more gigs planned for the moment, but here is the (last ) flyer for my solo-guitar concert/s - in Microsoft Word format.


- I'm going to Mars in 2003 (in a way) - here are the details.

- In September 2001, I was featured in "The Bulletin"magazine - a short blurb with a photograph. Here is the online version.

NOTE: Reviews of 2000 and 2001 are located in my Short Biography page. Check my Musical History page for general news of what I got up to musically in 2001.

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