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This section of the site contains the core of my personal information. Other relevant material is, of course, scattered in various places around the rest of the site. Also note that the Feedback section of this site contains the necessary information for people wanting to contact me - either on the internet or offline.

This page is for those people who need a quick handle on who I am. This certainly helps at times, since other pages of the site may create false impressions in the mind of the reader. On the other hand, I have nothing against anyone wanting to know more about me, but try not to pigeon-hole me using generalisations based on gender, age, race, looks or other characteristics.


Here are a few personal details about me - for the benefit of acquaintances, friends, penpals, distant relatives and intimate partners: past, present and future. Please don't use these details in the hope of trying to impersonate me:

- on the internet for credit fraud, financial reward or defamatory ends; or
- for some other type of monetary or personal gain, on the internet or otherwise.
14 February, 1960 (yes - St. Valentine's day)
  Starsign: Aquarius
  Chinese astrology: Year of the Rat
  Height: 175 cm (5 ft 9 in.)
  Weight: 76 kg (168 lb, or 12 stone)
  Waist: 77 cm (30 inches)
  Hair: Dark brown, wavy/curly, shortish (no bald patches or grey)
  Eyes: Brown
  Religion: None (subject to change without notice)
  Status: Single (subject to change without notice)
  Work: Manager
  Salary: In total, AU $ 50,000+ per annum
  Qualifications: Bachelor of Laws (UTS), Justice of the Peace
  Personality: Original outlook, deep thinker, sensual, creative/artistic
  "You remind me of"s: Woody Allen, Rowan Atkinson, Dudley Moore, Daryl Somers, Jeff Goldblum
  Interests: Computers, music, art, philosophy, books, writing, movies
  Dislikes: Sport, politics, narrow-minded people and rednecks
  Food Likes: Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian and home cooking.
  Food Dislikes: Some fruit, many vegetables and most seafood.

There are plenty of other details scattered around this website, depending on the type of information required. Tell me if you'd like to find out more.


As I hint at in my biography page, I find it hard to talk about myself (really) - let alone share opinions, comments and experiences with other people. The contradictions of my life are much too apparent - including the following:

- Relationships: While I've had relations with any number of women, I've found 'steady' relationships difficult to maintain. Clear divisions remain between the women I like to socialise and 'engage' with, those that I lust after and those that I feel 'love' towards - not to mention the women that feel these things towards me (with or without reciprocation). Maybe I just haven't met the "right" woman - but, either way, I'm getting anxious to settle down;

- Social-wise: I have a genius level IQ, a law degree, and an extensive knowledge of science, philosophy and esoteric wisdom, but find ordinary conversation unbearable for the most part. I tend to say very little or nothing in most situations, unless I'm conversing with people with similar interests or those that I genuinely enjoy being with. Conversely, I'm most productive on my own and prefer my own company to being irritated by someone else. As a result, I tend to keep few friends, though I enjoy these friendships while they last; and

- Musically: I play a wide range of musical instruments, have composed thousands of pieces of music, recorded the equivalent of over 500 albums worth of original material on tape and hundreds of pieces of music on computer, been called the best guitarist in the country, and am now producing a range of original CDs of music. But I'm still painfully shy about performing in front of people - or of listening to my music with other people around.

Just bear all this in mind if we get in contact - but don't let it get in the way of things.

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