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I enjoy anagrams - but not the ordinary "jumbled letter" type that you'll find with newspaper puzzle collections. The type that I mean can only be done with sophisticated computer programs. This is where the letters of a name or title are completely re-arranged into new words. From the long lists of anagrams that these programs generate, most entries will be meaningless. - but some seem to reveal surprising insights into the character of the thing that they original stood for.

There is something on an esoteric or occult nature in this, but I won 't delve too deeply into meanings and possibilities here. Suffice to say, lengthy or extravagant names will often lend themselves to parody - and what better way than to provide their own fuel for such a process. If you want to find any deeper meanings from word play, then that's a matter for yourself (which is why I've stuck the cover from "The Bible Code" below). The only "crime" - by way of breached trust, faith, law or general taste - that the modern anagram-maker commits is to select one anagram over another.

My favourite anagram program is "Anagrams" for the Mac. There is a program called "Anagram" for the PC, but it isn't anywhere near as fast or as good. Both are available as shareware or freeware. With "Anagrams", I have anagramatised (if there is such a word) staff lists at work, media personalities and - particularly for music - musicians' names, song and album titles. Some of the following anagrams have also been found on the net.


President Clinton of the USA: to copulate, he finds interns.
George W Bush: he grew bogus, Bush grew ego.
Tony Blair, MP: I'm Tory, Plan B.
Kim Beasley: likes maybe.
Peter Costello: let poor select, pre-select tool.
Pauline Hanson: has anon lineup, pain on unleash, a posh alien nun,an anus pinhole.


Britney Spears: yep bra inserts, yep rest brains, arrest by penis, try penis sabre.
William Shakespeare: I am a weakish speller.
Carlos Castaneda: a sacrosanct deal, a crass anecdotal, rants as accolade, act arose scandal.
Christopher Skase: rich OK, hates press.
"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind" (Neil Armstrong, on the moon): A thin man left planet, ran, makes large stride, pins a flag on moon. On to Mars!


New York Times: monkeys write.
Sydney Morning Herald: merry, dandy on English.


The Yes Album: hate my blues, the humblest aye.
Fragile: rag file.
Close to the Edge: the coolest edge, the closeted ego.
Tales From Topographic Oceans: a cochlea proposes formatting, a forgotton apropos chemicals, a spoof archangel's competitor, as chloroform-sopping acetate, campaign footstool preachers, chloroform escaping a teapot, compares graphical footnotes, egocentrics fathom a proposal, forecast poetical monographs, percolating stomache as proof, prophets forage at iconoclasm, propose achromatic flagstone, therefrom occasional stopgap.
Yesterdays: Yes strayed.
arm toot.
Big Generator: ego bartering, a boring greet, I bong greater, a bigger tone.
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe: now usher abandoned framework, human so forwarned breakdown, now bondsman reawakened furor
An Evening of Yes Music Plus: openly envisages fun music, famously given-up niceness, an imp conveying usefulness, unevenly focusing impasse, a funny compulsive Genesis, penniless vacuuming of Yes, unease confusing my pelvis.
Open Your Eyes: you reopen Yes, eye yon poseur.
Keys to Ascension: Yes cook ancients, oceanic sky notes, okay scenic stone, one noisy casket, once tacky noises.
Friends and Relatives: defendants' rivalries, saddens if irrelevant, fart-drained vileness, dense rifled variants.
Masterworks Tour: our smartest work, utmost rare works.
Yours is no Disgrace: coy assured origins, or saucy digression, disguises coronary, digs your scenarios, Yes scouring radios, gracious dry noises, organise your discs.
The Revealing Science of God:
foreheads neglecting voice, egghead novices reflection, oversee concealed fighting, a shoved egocentric feeling, foggiest heaven reconciled.
The Gates of Delirium:
eighties formulated, I emulated foresight, dire hateful egotism, melodies that figure, time ghosted failure, futile hoarse midget, guitar-heeled motifs.
sound search, nursed chaos.
Owner of a Lonely Heart: ear annoyer followeth, wherefore only atonal, ornately loaf nowhere, a loyal renown thereof.
Cyberian Khatru (tribute album which I'm featured on): a charity bunker, each brainy turk, yuck brain hater, I back net hurray, I can't hark buyer, rare unit by hack.


Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds: thickish luminosity dawned, stylish whacked diminuition, aetheistic whims do unkindly, withhold my sunken acidity, how ducks diemethyl insanity
Magical Mystery Tour: Mac guyer's mortality, mystical mature orgy, is crummy arty legato, is cloy ratty rummage
Visions of the Emerald Beyond (Mahavishnu Orchestra album): embody freshened violations, definitely observes manhood, obediently removed fashions, a boredom thyself envisioned, I footed heavenly morbidness



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