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THE AUDIENTS 1: 1981-1985


Away from the band, I got Johan to play in a series of highly-experimental (and often quite chaotic) recordings. The combination of having solo, jam and band sessions to play in and record meant that my musical creativity was given full reign in widely different directions. But I always found it much more productive to work on my own and, with increasing frustration through the other areas, started to concentrate my energies in this way.

NOTE: Unless stated otherwise, a (now-primitive) Roland DR55 "Dr. Rhythm" drum-machine was used in these recordings.

Soundscapes - the earliest jam-collectionORIGINAL MUSIC CDs & CDRs

Any reservations I have about these discs are noted in italics.

- Soundscapes: This disc, produced in 2003, covers the earliest (1981-82) - and weirdest - collection of "jams". There isn't much resembling conventional rock music here - instead there are substance-fuelled excursions into the aural unknown. Another good thing about this disc is the fact that the source material comes from a wide collection of such tapes/events. What other people will make of it is anyone's guess.

- Rock Opera: The first attempt to make a collaborative album, this comes from 1 or 2 initial jams. I then overdubbed lead guitar and keyboards, using "sound on sound" recording (between two cassette decks). The results aren't entirely good - there are maybe 3 good tracks here. The audio quality could be improved, also.

- Space Cadets: A series of 1981 jams, recording in the one evening - with me alternating between guitar and mono synthesiser and Johan using the drum-machine and various bizarre sonic treatments (flange and analog delay). Great, but weird.

- A Synth Odyssey: For this 1981 jam I played my Yahama "string (and brass) ensemble", while Johan operated the drum-machine and applied effects (flange and analog delay). The sound is quite distorted and the tape kept breaking down (after 20 years) during the CD-mastering. I may attempt another transfer soon, or may otherwise have to resort to using later-generation material from a combination of sources.

- Nights of Picasso: One of the best-ever jams, from around 1981. I play lots of Hendrix-syle soloing (using my then-new flange pedal on my Strat-copy), while John plays bass (with analog-delay). I might attempt a better sonic transfer later.

- Benson & Hendrix: Another best-ever type jam, from around 1981 - less flash, more style. This jam uses an "Electro-Harmonix" drum machine - much better sound, but with fixed pre-set rhythms.

- The Homeward Race: A 1982 single song, full-length (48-minute) primitive overdub recording, with me on poly string-synth, guitar and drum-machine solo, and Johan on solo-synth and drum-machine. Mostly an extended jam on the Mahavishnu Orchestra's "The Noonward Race" - of marginal interest.

- Guitar Jams: A collection of improvisations recorded between 1981 and 1997, with myself on lead guitar and brother Johan on bass. We're accompanied by an assortment of cheap drums machines. Jam '96 is an example. This recording was taken from a compilation tape - a better sounding CD is possible.



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