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SOLO WORK 1: 1978-1982


My early solo "albums" were theme-based, according to instruments: "acoustic guitar", "electric guitar" (with "fake" bass & drum-machine) and "keyboards" (piano, organ & synth). The tracks on the keyboard "album" had been recorded and compiled going back to 1978. After this, I started integrating these disparate elements into more cohesive collections of songs, but consciously strove never to repeat myself along the way.


Any reservations I have about these discs are noted in italics. An example songs - in RealAudio - is noted in orange, and appears at the bottom of this page.

- First Electric Guitar Album (1980-81): (see "Happy Time" below) This contains some of my best compositions and playing. Musical styles range from rock to metal, jazz-fusion,disco, ambient and beyond. I've also added bonus tracks from the same time period. The basslines were done on guitar, as I hadn't bought a bass yet. Aside from the tape hiss, there are some glitches in sound quality - the tape was breaking down from being so old. Featured at http://www.mp3.com.au/AlexVanStarrex/.

- First Acoustic Guitar Album: From 1980. No reservations about this - other than maybe sound quality. I'd been working on these for 1-2 years, and my playing is good. Over 20 years later, these still constitute almost all of my original acoustic guitar pieces. Featured at http://www.mp3.com.au/AlexVanStarrex/.


- First Keyboard Album: This tape was compiled in 1980 from recordings dating back to 1978.

- (many others)

REAL AUDIO FILE - TO STREAM/DOWNLOAD (RealPlayer required to play this)

Thanks to RealProducer G2, I can offer music in a small file size with reasonable sound quality - this file is highly compressed and in mono - the originals recording sounds much better.

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