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This page is designed more for people who may wish to contact me other then through this site. If you are thinking of contacting me, in this or any way, please bear the following rules in mind:

  1. I will always try and sort out why a person is contacting me - just saying 'hello' doesn't help.
  2. I only have a certain amount of time to spare, especially if I'm pre-occupied with other things.
  3. I have one phone line at home - this may well be busy if I'm on the net (unless my mobile is on).
  4. There is an answering machine - if you don't like them, then say you'll ring back later.
  5. If you decide to call, don't just hang up if you change your mind along the way.
  6. I reserve the right to not reply, or become unapproachable, at any time.
  7. Yes, I'm single - not especially rich or handsome, but with plenty of good qualities.


If you want to visit or write to me, check the details in the page about My Home.

Here are the rest of my details - substitute "@" for the "-at-" in the emails - I'm doing this to cut down 'automated email robot' spam.phone

Email (home): avanstar-at-tig.com.au or avanstar-at-ihug.com.au
Phone (home): (02) 9525-9585 (and +61 to start, if outside Australia)
Mobile phone: 0409-908-088 (sometimes switched on, if I'm out or on the internet)
ICQ-number: 22623930 (email me first, as I'm rarely on)
My work details: are not available online - though I'm on email, fax and phone.

ICQ #:

[ Occassionally ICQ's servers are overloaded - this causes the image to not load. ]

I'm also a member of some local "chat" sites - see the Chatting section for more details - but rarely have the time to use them. I always check my email before accessing the net from home, if it's my first connection for the day. I will also try to to reply to mailing promptly, unless a lengthy reply is needed. In fact, email is probably the best way to contact me - as it can help to set up other forms of communication.


I like to receive email - from friends, aquaintances, penpals or for other legitimate purposes (spamming - especially from 'adult sites' - is unwelcome). The mail system in my old computer was a mess and I still haven't sorted out what to do with all the leftover messages - many are still unanswered.

My new PC boasts two mailing systems - Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express (and even more if I want to start using the system attached to Netscape Navigator). At the moment, I'm using Outlook Express, and have established a mailing list of friends, relatives and general hangers on. Let me know if you'd like to be included on it, but if you're unsure then read my Correspondence notes.

I'm always happy to answer one-off messages - especially if they are brief. Some people, however, do manage to outstay their welcome. There is no polite way of saying 'I don't want to correspond with you (anymore)' or 'well, what do you want me to do (or say) about that?' in email. But the simple fact that I don't reply to a mailing dosn't mean that you fit into this category. I can simply be busy.


Between my various computers, I should be able to receive and access just about anything that people would care to send to me. I no longer have a problem with attachments, so feel free to send whatever you want to in the way of messages, HTML, files, photos and other graphics, animations, programs, etc. But do warn me if you are going to send any large files - I may not actually want them, nor want to tie up my email and internet time in order to get them.

This goes the other way too, of course. If you'd like me to send you anything (barring copies of commercial programs or anything else that clearly infringes copyright), then just let me know. I'll see what I can do.


Using FTP has never been a problem for me, except that I have cause to download or upload any files this way (unless the downloaded files are linked to http sites). I'd love to find an online home for much of my old my old Amiga work - but it then becomes a question of who may actually want to use it. I open for suggestions and offers, however.

As far as IRC goes, I'm still finding my way around this. My ICQ number appears above - feel free to email me if you'd like to arrange an online chat, though - as I almost never run the program on my own, nowadays. Please bear in mind also that if you want to chat with me online at a particular time, I can't necessarily guarantee access (particularly if my ISP connection is busy) - and the respective time-zones may have to be co-ordinated as well.

I had a bit of trouble accessing newsgroups using my old computer. These have disappeared since I got the new one, but I only access a few regularly. And though I might occasionally be found roaming around or posting to them, I prefer to correspond by private email. Depending on the level of conversation, though, some mailings may more appropriately be continued in a public forum.

My new computer is so sophisticated that I can do practically anything with it - including making "free" international phone calls and engaging in video conferences eg using CU-SeeMe. But I've almost no reason or opportunity at present to use any of these facilities, so rely mainly on email. If your computer allows for these sorts of uses and you'd like to establish contact then let me know. I'm sure we can work around any problems with the set-up and use of the equipment.


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