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The truly wonderful thing about the internet is that it gives you access to all manner of people that you wouldn't otherwise come across in your daily life. People all around the world want to meet, chat, become friends, and sometimes even form more solid relationships. All this has its downside too, of course, since there often seems little point in conversing with people whom you can't see or hear, hence wouldn't know even if you met them on the street. But technology is changing this too. net-people

It's difficult to escape the notion of elitism in all this, however. It is, after all, the plaything of those people with the money to afford computers and the time to go looking for other people. There are millions of poor and lonely people out there in in the world to whom a kind word or gesture could prove even more beneficial.

Internet dating links are now on my Love & Life page.


This is where the big ideas and money is going, in the next stage of WWW development. Virtual meeting-places, avatars, and sensory-interplay are all the rage. But a good old-fashioned conversation is just as appealing - in the right company. By the way, my ICQ number is 22623930 in case you want to have a chat online - but check here first.


Cybercafes seem to have taken off in a big way - though studies seem to have found that most people just access their email and surf aimlessly in them.


Internet searching brings the telephone to a new level of utility. Now if only someone would do the same for fax directories.


I really think that email is the future of the information revolution, provided that it is developed in a meaningful and coherent manner. After all, why should you go out looking for information when it can be delivered to your (digital) doorstep?



411 Locate Locate a Web site or e-mail address by a phone number, name, company name, or reverse e-mail lookup.

by Phone Number
by Name
by Company
by E-Mail

Ahoy! Search for people's personal homepages

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Institution Country

AltaVista People Search Only last name is mandatory

First Name:
Last Name:
City:      State:

AnyWho People Search Search by name, provides info and map (Enter last name and any other info)

, Lastname, Firstname
, City, State

Bigfoot A huge e-mail and whitepage directory (Enter Firstname Lastname)

OKRA net.citizen Directory Service Lists over 5.3 Million email addresses

WhoWhere? People Search Comprehensive White Page service (Enter last name and first name)

, Lastname, Firstname

World Email Directory (Enter last name and, optionally, the first name)

, Lastname, Firstname

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