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Readers who want to do some serious, no nonsense searches should go straight to the 'Internet Searching' page, intfind.html. The particular page that you are now reading is devoted to general assistance, links, associated newsgroups and a number of other search engines that may be of use. The search engines here aren't necessarily inferior to those on the other page - in some cases, they are simply less well-known.


Armed with the benefit of some experience on the internet, I offer the following search tips for newcomers seeking to access information:

  1. Don't forget that different search engines exist to search in different ways.
  2. Learn the search-syntax for any engine that you use - they can differ a lot.
  3. If you are looking for information in another country, see if it has local search engines.
  4. Some search facilities, such as Yahoo, already sort information into different areas.
  5. When looking for information on a single subject, try a search for "(subject) links".
  6. Keep an eye out for books, magazines and newspapers with internet coverage and URLs.
  7. Always keep a pen and notepad handy, to jot down any casual URLs that you might find.
  8. URLs likely to disappear fastest are '.edu/~(username)' and ones with very long addresses.
  9. If a long URL doesn't work, try slowly moving up the tree to see if it might still be there.
  10. If a URL doesn't connect properly - or is slow - simply stop loading the page and try again.




A2Z The Lycos A2Z directory starts with the most frequently linked sites and adds concise, authoritative descriptions.

a2z directory lycos catalog point reviews

ACCUFIND The AccuFind JavaScript search engine brings together the best of many resources to automatically search infobases, news, books, and the Internet.


AMAZING ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATION WEBDIRECTORY The categories in this Web directory cover topics such as animal rights, solar energy, and sustainable development.

ARGUS/UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN CLEARINGHOUSE The Clearinghouse has provided access to topical guides to the Internet's information since 1993. Hundreds of topics, from artificial intelligence to zoology, are available. Searchable and browsable, the Clearinghouse also includes guide ratings.

1. Enter search terms below.


C|NET'S SHAREWARE.COM c|net's shareware.com finds software on the Internet, with links to over 170,000 files. According to Newsweek, "shareware.com does for software what Yahoo did for finding Web sites."

GAMELAN EarthWeb's Gamelan: The Directory for the Java Community is the most comprehensive database of Java resources on the Internet.

INFERENCE FIND - the Intelligent Massively Fast Parallel Web Search

Enter Query:

MAGELLAN This Internet guide manages the absurdity of searching billions of words.

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Search rated and reviewed sites only entire database

NERDWORLD MEDIA INTERNET SUBJECT INDEX Search thousands of categories for the exact Web site or newsgroup you're looking for. Check out the Make Your Own Index feature and the pop-up search page.

  Search Nerd World :  


Search for:  
All Sources -- Search the World Wide Web & Special Collection
World Wide Web -- Search the entire World Wide Web
Special Collection -- 2 million articles not on other search engines

STARTING POINT Use Starting Point to browse the Web, in categories such as news, business, sports, and entertainment. Check out their hot site of the day.

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