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I've had the most astonishing and turbulent love life - even though the vast majority of my time is still spent in solitude and wishful thinking. The forces of human nature being what they are, a good day cannot go by without some promise, expectation, flowering or rememberance of such times.

And though I've been in love many times, the women I've loved the most have either died or literally disappeared. Other relationships simply slip through my fingers for lack of fortuitous circumstance - or reciprocity in deed as well as mind. Like most people, I've probably compensated for my emotional traumas and physical needs with non-emotional sexual relationships (even over-compensated, but that's another story). But, in the end, I simply find myself older and wiser for the effort.

Somewhere, in the midst of all this, a distinction between "love" and "sex" arises. In real life the precise boundaries are unclear - and must, be necessity, be drawn at different places by different individuals. On the internet the distinction often seems blindingly obvious - hence this page. For those people who want to refer to sexual matters try the Sex & Sexuality Page.

I don't intend to gossip about my love life here - if anything is worth announcing to the world, I'll put it out on my Personal News Page.

For internet-based relationships check the see the Internet & Computers section - the, email chatting & cybercafe links are on the People on the Internet Page, while the Newsgroups & Mailing Lists Page will tell you about those activities.


These are mainly Australian/local sites - as would be expected from me. If you're lonely for someone a little closer to you, try finding a site in your local state or country.


What can be said for love - the flower of hope that blooms amidst the despair of everyday life? That makes each moment seem enchanted and onesself feel invincible? That makes all those cheap, cliche- ridden songs and movies seem suddenly full of meaning and sincerity? I won't profess any answer, especially whilst I'm still single. Because of this, the sites that I've chosen for this section are not the 'roses and chocolates' type - they're a little more practical, even clinical. After all, relationships have to be worked at in order to continue. Feelings, on the other hand, can last forever - unsullied by the burden of reality.

I'd recommend that the incurable romantic take a look around the 'Paris' section of Geocities - especially the 'recommended' sites. Because of the nature of these sites, it's probably best to leave the reader to make his or her own discoveries there.



Being single at the moment, I can't say too much from personal experience here. But, in my professional capacity, I do give a lot of help and advice to people over this area - mainly from a legal aspect. This is probably just as well, since it's the problems and dissolution aspects that parties give least consideration to in their rush to establish and bind their relationships. There's also a widespread aversion to counselling and general guidance, as if love itself is supposed to sort out the changes that come in its wake.

I'll include a full range of links for this section in due course - here are only a few to get people started.don't kick the baby!

HOME AND FINANCES (Australian sites)

Setting up and maintaining a home is one area of work that a lot of people would like to do without. But for the rewards of showing it off, or just relaxing and taking advantage of it all, it often doesn't seem worth the effort. It's also then single most expensive area of anyone's lifestyle to maintain, so some consideration should be given to making sure the your life doesn't fall to pieces when something goes wrong.


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