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As the seat of consciousness, the brain-mind is a fascinating area of research, and one that I have been studying, in various ways, for the last 20 years. There are many specialised areas to this subject, and my forthcoming book devotes a lot of time to these. The book goes to great lengths to explore the historical concept of 'mind' and its many intrepretations and meanings. There are even scientists who suggest that such a thing as the 'mind' doesn't even exist, but I won't go into that here.

For the moment, I've simply included a number of links that interested people might like to use in other to pursue their studies. Not that the task will be an easy one. Did you know, for example, that there is currently more information being generated about brain performance and function than it possible to collate - let alone understand? The scientists of tomorrow's world will have a field day with this such a mass of information - since they will have enough data to prove any theory that they want to, no matter how bizarre.

MIND GAMESmy brain

The human brain is neither a muscle, nor a machine. It's performance is not measurable by size, speed or flexibility - though plenty of people who develop of apply tests would like to believe otherwise. Nevertheless, I've always rated my IQ at somewhere around 150, but regard the topic itself as an anathema. If the members of MENSA want to spend their time playing verbal and mathematical games, then why aren't they intelligent enough to do something more useful with their brainpower?

Be very wary of some of the following sites. Many of them will are more devoted to entertainment than education, or else try to sell you something by making you feel inadequate about your intellectual capacity. For example, I've listened to a couple of types of tapes (purely in the name of science) designed to balance the brain's left and right hemispheres - to promote new levels of creativity, inner harmony, etc. Both proved to be a complete waste of time. Don't say that I didn't warn you.


When my mother had a minor stroke in May 1999, I realised what a complex and sensitive mechanism the mind/body really is. It also reinforced the pivotal role that doctors and other health care workers play in assessment, treatment and recovery of their patients. Not the mention gaining an awareness of how the body and mind ultimately break down with age. On the positive side, her swift steering towards recovery seemed profoundly aided by the care, attention and love of those around her.

There is also a theory that many types of body and mind dysfunction are caused by emotional or interpersonal trauma. Without wanting to explore the idea here, I'll simply say that it pays to keep healthy, happy and active - even despite the things that go on around you.



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