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Computers and sex really don't mix. It's only when sex is introduced as a commodity - with an eye for profit - that its pervasion on the internet becomes understandable. For Internet sex, far divorced from the real thing, is not a moral dilemma - it's an example of the Pavlovian response mechanism at work. This is clear when, after an interlude of mindless indulgence, you look back on the access period and realise how futile (and possibly expensive) it all was. Mind you, this applies equally to many other types of internet session.

It's therefore worthwhile getting some sort of guidance if you go looking for 'sex sites' on the net - otherwise you're more than likely to find only the following:

- sites that charge access rates for (with or without a free trial-period or previews); warning
- sites that want credit-card details, with no guarantee of privacy/security or proper usage;
- sites that offer (non-existent) illicit material - or "choke" search engines - to attract visitors;
- sites that 'spam' (send unsolicited mail) to visitors, often from non-filtering/abuse of cookies;
- sites that simply reuse material found on other sites - with no original content whatsoever;
- sites that supposedly offer materials that are simply links or advertising for other sites; and
- sites that spawn new sites (or even the same one) when you try to quit out of them.

I could go on - for example about the stupid, derogatory, degrading, and sexist language used by most sites to describe their content.But since up to 40 percent of internet traffic is supposedly directed towards such sites, due consideration should be given here to them. And some sites are undoubtedly better - in either content or practice - than others. Allied with this is the constant threat to regulate the internet, thereby restricting access and removing files that would otherwise be free to view or download.


Over the years I've collected a variety of adult-related material, then categorised and 'burned' it to CD-R to create the "Full Access" range, a virtual encyclopaedia of adult-related material (not just sex). Much of the content is now rare and/or unavailable. I also scanned in some images and contributed text. The contents of the CD-Rs include:
- 3D images (stereoscopic, "magic eye"and red/blue images),
- anime (including manga, hentai and images from Japanese games),
- animated gifs (including short clips from movies and animated drawings),
- art (ancient, intermediary and modern - from around the world),
- celebrities (nude and semi-nude images, as well as movies, fakes and famous 'death' images),
- Flash animations (many taking several minutes to complete - usually with user interaction);
- games (adventure games, card games and even party games to play along with in real time)
- information (in picture form - anatomy, medical, esoterica, sexual positions, reflexology and a sex survey),
- links (a large, categorised collection of website links),
- movies (in avi, mpeg, quicktime and real formats - including ),
- music (some adult-related songs in
- pictures (hundreds of different types, of every conceivable variety)
- programs (for Mac and Windows computers - for easier access to the files on the disc),
- text (essays, stories, jokes, information and even two whole books),
- 'toons' (adult-related cartoon images, including parodies of famous comics and cartoons), and
- web pages (a selection of webpages - even some whole sites - taken from the internet).

I will not sell or distribute copies of the CD-Rs due to copyright and censorship restrictions, though I may transfer the odd file. Inquisitive readers will probably have to embark on their own journeys into adult cyberspace.


If you are going to access adult internet sites, I'd strongly recommend the following:

- Adjust your web-browser settings to refuse 'cookies', to avoid future porn 'spamming';
- Never supply your credit card details, no matter how tempting a 'free' offer may seem; and
- Don't pay for access to a site without checking whether you can get free access to a similar one.

THE FOLLOWING SITES CONTAINS OF AN EROTIC NATURE AND ARE ONLY INTENDED FOR MATURE AUDIENCES OVER THE AGE OF 18. By accessing these sites, you agree to indemnify myself - and the providers of this sites, its officers and employees - from and against any claims, liabilities, losses, costs, damages or expenses (including laywer's fees) arising from the user's use of or participation in these services or the information contained thereon.



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PICTURES (see my 3D page for adult 3D images and the Anime & Comics page for Hentai images/games)




Fortunately or otherwise, the net has "cleaned up"a lot in recent times - due mainly to legislation passed in America, Australia and elsewhere. As an example, the "real" free child pornography sites have disappeared - as opposed to the advertised 'lolita' links, which either lead to other link-sites, tame/off-topic pictures or pay-sites. I don't know whether this material is really on offer in the pay-sites - and, frankly, I don't care either.




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