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Section & Topic Summaries
An Introduction to Music Everything you wanted to know about music, but were afraid to ask (in a nutshell).
My Musical Background My musical history - inspirations, instruments, gigs & home recordings - plus original RealAudio files.
My Solo Guitar-Songs My collection of tablature transcriptions of popular songs - together with some original RealVideos.
Guitar Tablature The preferred musical-notation for guitarists - introduction, links and various original files.
MIDI-music An introduction to MIDI-music, including original MIDI-files - many available for the first time.
Music Files Music files of every type - sound effects, MODs, MP3s, streaming audio and an introduction to CD-recording.
My Original CD-Rs My re-recordings of other people's music (my original CDs are now in their own site-section).
Bootleg Recordings A guide to bootleg and unofficial recording - plus FAQ's, collection and recording tips, and various online links.
Composers & Performers Some of my favourite 'musicians' of all types - classical, jazz & fusion, rock & progressive and others.
Miscellaneous A variety of different resources - including, magazines, manufacturers, record companies and net-radio.
My Music Collection My music-collection - a complete list of CDs, plus information on videos, records and cassettes.

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