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Being a single person is a problem when it comes to travelling. Tours and accommmodation bookings are aimed at couples, if not whole families. Single travellers face constant surcharges and added expenses if they want to go anywhere.

This has done a lot to dampen my enthusiasm for travel over the years. Luckily, I have usually had the opportunity to travel and/or stay with family members during my trips around Australia and overseas - to Bali, Japan and America/Canada. I'd like to extend this circuit, but I'm running out of close relatives to rely on - I've never met my relatives in Sri Lanka.

Ideally, I'd like to rely on friendships that I make on the net to make up for this. In return, I have some spare accommmodation here, but I couldn't make it available to just anyone who asked. It takes time to build up a sufficient level of trust and familiarity to enable this sort of offer to be made. An easier way out would be to find other people to travel with overseas - or simply to meet up with people willing to travel over here.


Planning and booking a holiday is becoming one activity that the internet is genuinely useful for. This is because is can save all the work involved in going fron one travel agent to another - collecting brochures, comparing prices and arranging accommodation.

This isn't to say that you can do now everything over the 'net - but it's certainly a step in the right direction. Then of course there are the things that you can do online that you simply can't do any other way - such as viewing multimedia presentations of various types and comparing information from both ends of the intended travels.

Readers wanting to enquire about travelling to, from or within Sydney and Australia should refer to the Sydney Tourism page, which has all the appropriate links. And if you'd like to take a quick cyberspace trip around the world, then check out my Web Cameras page.




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