Rating System

The rating system for web sites generally follows these criteria :

bottles50.gif (1001 bytes) - Great site! Definitely has Internet ordering, also has tasting notes, map, cellar door details, opening times all in a well-presented site.

bottles40.gif (997 bytes)- Probably has Internet ordering, and definitely mail ordering, also has tasting notes and other useful winery information.

bottles30.gif (968 bytes)- Probably has mail ordering and tasting notes, and may have useful winery information.

bottles20.gif (947 bytes)- Most likely a single page of general information about the winery.

bottles10.gif (909 bytes)- Why bother?

bottles.gif (1227 bytes)- Just haven't had time to get around to this one yet.

If you think my ratings are wrong, well that's your prerogative as a thinking human being.  If you think my ratings are REALLY wrong, it may be that I've made a typo or the site has been upgraded extensively since my last review.  In this case feel free to mail me and let me know.

Tom Brennan : tomb@poboxes.com : last updated 980803