USEFUL MAPPING LINKS: updated 16th July 2017

Kanetix Cartography Resources Interesting links about cartography past and present. Added 19th April 2013. Link kindly provided by Sue Long

Memory Map: An App available for both Android & Apple iphones  updated 21st  May 2012

Some notes from Ken Dowling who spotted this when following up on Geoff Peck's info below : " I replaced OziExplorer with Memory Map a few years ago simply to have access to seamless Vicmap topo maps. OziExplorer has far more functionality but my main use is simply to validate my GPS files before importing into OCAD and also just to get broad brush info on an area I intend to, or am, mapping. (btw I see Ozi is releasing seamless maps about now).
Memory Map developed apps for iPhone and Android and having got past BETA, I decided to give it a whirl on my Android. I was staggered at the quality of the maps that came with the download and that was at 1:250k! I then copied my PC MM 1:50k map data of VIC across to the Android and was blown away. So fairly much in line with Geoff's experience. Memory Map software is free to download (if it isn't in Google Market yet then follow one of the links in this article). What you buy is the map data although a range of small scale maps are free. I can run my licensed data on 2 PCs and 2 smartphones - numbers vary with map sets I think.
I hadn't thought of it for mapping as I am used to the simplicity and quality of my GPSrs. But I will definitely give it a whirl alongside my best GPSr and compare results for track logs and waypoints. So thanks for the idea Geoff. I will report back."

GPS in SmartPhones. Not all equal.  Some further notes from Ken Dowling about using Smartphones as a GPS 

"Until late 2011 at least, most SmartPhones used the GPSr SiRFstar III chip. As at Sep 2011, it seems the benchmark SiRFstar IV chip (released July 2009) was only in Samsung Galaxy S2. Why is this important? SiRFstar IV, present in most handheld GPSrs for at least 2 years, offers twice the search capacity of SiRFstar III, improved accuracy and reduced fix-time and jamming of interference from other SmartPhone components.

I recall noticing two  significant differences the very first time I  used my Garmin Vista H after my previous handheld GPSr. Start up was super fast. Tracking under tree cover was even better than my good Magellan xPlorist 210.  Further info on the chip http://www.csr.com/news/pr/release/455/en

If you want faster GPS start up on your SmartPhone, then check the specs for the presence of A-GPS. This stands for Assisted GPS. A-GPS acquires satellites more quickly and calculates position faster. At its simplest, it uses the surveyed location of the nearest mobile tower to speed up the calculations of where the phone is. Less simply it uses the mobile netwrok servers to help calculate the phone position. Additionally A-GPS may include MS-Assist which uses the network servers to do most of the calculations. You may incur data charges. Further info on A-GPS http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Assisted_GPS

All SmartPhone specs I have seen, avoid saying which GPS chip is used. Curiously, even the Samsung Galaxy S2 simply mentions A-GPS in the spec."

  Memory Map overview.                   Memory Map for Androids help.              Memory Map Help for iPhone or iPad

MAPPING HOMEPAGE FOR ORIENTEERING AUSTRALIA This site is hosted by Orienteering Australia and contains basic resource information on making orienteering maps.

This link updated Jan 2016 following earlier update of OA sitesite.


AUSTRALIAN ORIENTEERING MAPPING GROUP A forum for Australian Orienteering mappers to share news and knowledge established 23rd April 2011

IOF MAPPING COMMISSION  A most interesting site which contains, among other things:-

Links to the ISOM 2000 & ISSOM mapping standards. This includes both viewable and downloadable versions. Just click on the ISOM 2000 button once you connect to the website. View the latest updates re Mountain Bike Orienteering maps. 

OCAD Web Site   This site contains lots of useful information and other links.

OCAD Australia..new April 2012 Represented in Australia by Ken Dowling

LAND AND MAPS This site is hosted by the Dept of Environment and Heritage in South Australia. It includes useful information about mapping resources

MAPSPORT   Set up by Ken Dowling. Some useful information on the use of non-Garmin GPS units as well as other mapping related topics. Recently updated with considerable information regarding map printing.

USING APP "Bit Map" with ORIENTEERING MAPS on IPHONE  or IPAD: See http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/bit-map/id337172542?mt=8

Geoff Peck raised this issue & I would be interested to hear from anyone who has had some experience with this..good or bad! . Geoff posted the following comment:s

"I've done some research and it seems that both iphone and ipad have fairly accurate GPS chips inside, some claim more accurate than some Garmins. It IS possible to load 'custom maps', regrettably not KMZ files yet, but JPG which need to come with a UTM reference to 'align' with the GPS. Some claim it works really well. I will investigate further and report ...Just thought I'd let you know that it IS possible to use an iphone to help with making o-maps.
The GPS accuracy seems quite good so far. You don't need 3G or wifi ... it's a stand-alone GPS (in the 3G version)
It's quite easy to load a copy of an o-map (geo-referenced obviously) and display position on it ... and even store routes and waypoints.
I have only tried with one map so far, but looks promising. The screen is a whole lot better than a Garmin! "