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Baltzer Point

Hanging Rock & Baltzer Point, Blue Mountains
NSW, Australia 2010


Hanging Rock is an overhanging precipice jutting out and detached from the main escarpment. One day it is going to collapse into the valley below. Meanwhile, Baltzer Point on the escarpment provides grand views into the Grosse Valley. My photo shows Hanging Rock on the left and Baltzer Point on the right.

Taken on a windy day so the trees and bushes show a little movement.

This is a truly scary place for anyone who is not good with heights...

Technical Comments

Camera: Linhof Super Technika IV

Lens: 90mm f8 Nikkor-SW

Exposure: 1/15s @ f22

Film: Ilford FP4+ (EI 64 ASA)

Development: 6 mins in Rodinal 1:50

(See: Technical Notes for more general technical information).

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