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Tree, Lake Cathie

Tree, Lake Cathie, NSW, Australia 2011

Hunts Creek

Hunts Creek, North Parramatta, NSW, Australia 2010

Agave No.1 Rock Form, Avoca

Agave No. 1, NSW, Australia 2009

Rock Forms, Avoca, NSW, Australia 2009

Natural Arch Snowy Mountains

Natural Arch National Park, NSW, Australia 1995

Betts Creek, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, Australia 2002

Coolamine Homestead Minamurra

Coolamine Homestead, Snowy Mountains, NSW, Australia 1998

Trees, Minamurra National Park, NSW, Australia 2008

Never Never Creek Mist and Gums

Never Never Creek, NSW, Australia 1999

Mist and Gums, Kosciuszko National Park, Australia 1999

Farm Road, Hartley Vale

Farm Road, Hartley Vale, NSW, Australia 2008

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