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Hartley Vale Farm Road

Farm Road, Hartley Vale, NSW, Australia 2008


Just beyond the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, lies Hartley Vale.

We were staying at a "farm retreat" for a weekend, and I got up early one morning to explore the light and see if I could find anything that appealed photographically. I barely had to walk 50 metres before I stumbled on this composition.

For the technically inclined, the strong morning light was quite contrasty, so N-1 development was given to the film to tame the contrast.

Technical Comments

Camera: Linhof Super Technika IV

Lens: 150mm f5.6 Schneider Apo-Symmar

Exposure: 1/4s @ f32

Film: Agfapan APX 100 (EI 64 ASA)

Development: 7.5 mins in Rodinal 1:50

(See: Technical Notes for more general technical information).

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