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Himatangi Beach, New Zealand 2010

Winter Sunset, Himatangi Beach,
New Zealand 2010


A winter sunset on a blustery evening at Himatangi Beach on the west coast of the lower North Island of New Zealand.

I had wanted to venture further out onto the beach to take some photogrpahs but the wind was too strong for the camera to remain still (the bellows tend to act a bit like a sail...). Fortunately a sand-dune to the left provided some shelter from the wind and I was able to make this photo of the stream that crosses the beach on its way to the Tasman Sea.

Technical Comments

Camera: Linhof Super Technika IV

Lens: 300mm f9 Nikkor-M

Exposure: 1s @ f22

Film: Ilford FP4+ (EI 64 ASA)

Development: 6 mins in Rodinal 1:50

(See: Technical Notes for more general technical information).

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