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Detail, Junction Falls 2000

Detail, Junction Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW,
Australia 2000


A shot of the main falls at Junction Falls. These falls look their best with lots of water in them. That situation can't be guaranteed given the parched nature of the Australian bush, but fortunately on this visit there was sufficient water to make them photogenic.

You'll notice the similarity between this image and the two other Junction Falls photos. As stated elsewhere, nothing wrong with "milking" a location for all the different images on offer...

Technical Comments

Camera: Linhof Super Technika IV

Lens: 300mm f9 Nikkor-M

Exposure: 20s @ f22

Film: Agfa APX100 (EI 64 ASA)

Development: 10 mins in Rodinal 1:50

(See: Technical Notes for more general technical information).

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