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Here's a bunch of links to other photography sites. By no means exhaustive, the sole criterion for inclusion is that I like the photography, like or use the product, or find them useful or interesting!

I'll try and remove dead links. If you find any, please email Carey Bird Photography and let me know.

NB. "LF" means "large format".

NB. All links will open in a new window.


i.e. photos I wish I'd taken...

Ansel Adams

John Sexton

Phil Bard

Rob Gray

Alan McGee

Bob Hudak

Michael A Smith & Paula Chamlee

Roger L Hein

Ron Rosenstock

Rolfe Horn

Craig Wells

Joseph Hyde

Mario Abbatepaolo


i.e. stuff I use (or have used) and recommend

Ilford Photographic Products

Kodak Photographic Products

Linhof Kamera-Werke GmbH- the factory site. See also:

Linhof Technika Cameras - A profile and buying guide

Mamiya MF Cameras

Schneider Optics - German Photographic Lenses

Classic Omega Enlargers - Harry Taylor on D2, D2V etc


i.e. Magazines, Tutorials, & Other useful sites etc

Large Format Home Page - A "Must See" for the LF Photographer - includes a great forum

APUG - Analog Photography Users Group - Another great forum for film buffs.

SK Grimes - Services for the LF Photographer

View Camera Store - Sundry LF products and services

Toyo View Cameras - includes useful LF beginners info

View Camera Magazine

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