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"In front of all this beauty understanding nothing..."
(Bruce Cockburn)

I was fortunate enough to be born in one of the most beautiful parts of the world - the South Island of New Zealand. The grandeur of that area forms the mental backdrop to many childhood memories - whether picnics on the beach at Pounawea; family holidays in Central Otago; or, as I grew older, memories of tramping expeditions in the Mt Aspiring and Fiordland National Parks.

Cardrona Hotel

Cameras were always a part of our family life and encouragement from a high school teacher only heightened my curiosity. Those tentative enquiries in photography occurred concurrently with a growing awareness of the New Zealand landscape. When I saw the photographs of Ansel Adams I began to appreciate that through photography I could interact at another level with the landforms that surrounded me. And like so many others who have been inspired by his images, one thing just lead to another...

Valley of the Waters

Now I live in Australia. The often parched, sunburnt Australian countryside differs markedly from its New Zealand counterpart, but has a beauty all of its own. As I continue to explore the countryside around me I wonder about the agency that created such beauty. The photographs on these pages are my attempts to capture something of that beauty, and perhaps reflect something of the Divine Author's creativity. I hope you like them.

Further thoughts about landscape photography can be found in my essay on landscape photography.

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