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Evening, Hartley Vale

Evening, Hartley Vale, NSW, Australia 2008


Just beyond the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, lies Hartley Vale. This photo was taken in the late evening as the sun set (and the shadows crept up the mountains in the background). Unfortunately its not readily discernible, but the blobs in the light patch in the exact middle of the image are actually grazing kangaroos...

This image is something of a departure for me. While made on 4x5 film with the Technika, I've cropped (cut) out some of the grass in the foreground and some of the sky to present the image in a panoramic format. I feel it has a more powerful impact for having those distracting elements excluded.

Technical Comments

Camera: Linhof Super Technika IV

Lens: 150mm f5.6 Schneider Apo-Symmar

Exposure: 1/4s @ f22

Film: Agfapan APX 100 (EI 64 ASA)

Development: 10 mins in Rodinal 1:50

(See: Technical Notes for more general technical information).

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