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20 February 2011 : A couple of things:

22 August 2010 : Two more images from 2010:

Winter Sunset, Himatangi Beach, New Zealand, 2010

The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 2010

17 August 2010 : Two images from 2010:

Trees, Ridgeview Rd, Palmerston North, New Zealand, 2010

Hanging Rock & Baltzer Point, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 2010 (subsequently removed - see above)

There may be more to come shortly.

I've also updated and expanded my "Technical Notes". It now includes an expanded discussion about cameras and whole new sections on lenses, exposure and developing.

4 April 2010 : Three images (all from 2010):

Trees, Terrace Falls Rd, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 2010

Wentworth Falls from Rocket Point, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 2010

Hunts Creek, North Parramatta, NSW, Australia 2010

I'm also working on updating my "Technical Notes" and this may see the light of day shortly

28 December 2009 : A host of changes, including four new images and two new galleries:

28 November 2009 : Two changes:

  • I've corrected an error in the specifications for the SW-120/f8 in my Nikkor large format lenses section. The correct image circle at f22 is 312mm (8" x 10") and not 235mm as previously shown. Apologies to all for the misinformation.
  • After many years service I've retired the image on the homepage and replaced it with my latest favourite: Jamison Creek, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 2009. (The old image is still in the New Zealand gallery).

1 November 2009 : Two images added:

Junction Falls 2009, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 2009

Jamison Creek, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia, 2009

10 October 2009 : Sightlines '09 Exhibition :

  • I exhibited some of my photos at the "Sightlines '09" exhibition at Castle Hill, Sydney, Australia between 6 and 10 October 2009. Click here for a record of the event (includes digisnaps and a virtual tour).

28 June 2009 : I recently purchased a second Linhof Technika, and have posted some pictures and comments about differences between two examples of the same model.

19 April 2009 : Three further images I didn't get time to put up yesterday:

18 April 2009 : A host of changes including:

7 October 2008 : Three new images added:

Farm Road, Hartley Vale, NSW, Australia, 2008

Evening Hartley Vale, NSW, Australia, 2008

And, counter to everything this site is about (but just for the heck of it), a colour image:

Carey's Bay, Otago Harbour, New Zealand 1990

5 September 2008 : Split my "Technical Notes" and Nikkor LF sections into a number of different pages and added new menus to assist with navigation.

22 August 2008 : Time for a complete revamp: A number of changes:

  • Its over 10 years since I first put any pictures on the web! In those days nearly everyone was on "dial-up" connections, and the size of the images on this site were heavily compressed - to the detriment of image quality - in order to speed-up download times. Now most surfers are on broadband, so I've rescanned all the pictures and increased the file sizes. This significantly improves image quality and hopefully gives you a better idea how the prints really look.
  • I've changed the background from black to gray. While the black was visually striking, it probably wasn't the best colour to set the images against. So this time round I've adopted a more neutral background colour that shouldn't "lead" the eye quite so much.
  • I've added buttons on each image page to allow you to navigate to the next (or preceding) image in the gallery, or back to the gallery homepage, without using your browser buttons.
  • Not quite new, but I've significantly reworked one image. You can find it here:

    Mist and Gums, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW 1999

  • I've added a downloadable pdf of a Nikon Large Format lens brochure to my Nikkor LF lenses page.
  • I've added a page discussing how my "Never Never Creek" image gets printed (compares a scan of a "straight" print with the final image).

12 August 2008 : Two images added:

Valley of the Waters, Blue Mountains NSW Australia, 2000

Otago Harbour, New Zealand, 2000

4 July 2008 : Its taken a few years but finally an update. Here's the new stuff:

15 August 2004 : Taken my Nikon Large Format lens info pages down as they are now available at an official site (finally !). Go to the page for a link.

5 March 2004 : Its been a while, and no new photos to show at this stage. Just a word of caution re my Nikkor LF lens info:

It has been suggested to me that the specs I have quoted for the SW 120 are incorrect. Specifically that the image circcle is 312mm, and not 235mm as I have shown. BEWARE. Unfortunately because I am living in temporary accommodation for six months or so, the brochure I copied the specs from is not immediately available to me. I'll correct things later if need be.

12 July 2002 : Its been a while, but finally some changes:

  • Interested in trading prints? If so, look here.
  • Tidied up my html coding - background colours and text justification
  • Tidied up the links on my links page

12 August 2000 : I couldn't find it on the web, so I added it myself : details of Nikkor large format lenses.

12 June 2000 : Checked and amended all the links on my links page.

25 January 2000 : One new image:

Leura Cascades, Blue Mountains, NSW, 1999

9 January 2000 : Lots of new stuff including:

  • A new gallery: Images of the Blue Mountains
  • Two new images: One from each end of the landscape photographer's spectrum:

    • A straight representation of a natural vista:

      The Three Sisters, Blue Mountains, NSW, 1999 (subsequently removed)

    • An artistic interpretation of an abstract scene:

      Never Never Creek, NSW, 1999

  • Another change to the navigation model : A new Galleries homepage
  • A new sub-menu (associated with the galleries homepage)
  • Some more fiddling with javascript - the popup yellow triangles on the menu
  • Some notes on techniques and products

20 November 1999 : Added one new image:

Junction Falls, Blue Mountains, NSW, 1999

11 September 1999 : Moved the Landscape Photography Webring (subsequently removed) from the front page to a separate page to speed loading.

Also new links to eight great mono landscape photographers - see my links page.

22 July 1999 : A trick for young players ! My framed navigation model assumed everyone would enter the site via the homepage. This is not necessarily the case. And if you dont, there are no buttons to let you navigate anywhere ! so....

Now the "Carey Bird Photography" images at the top of each page are a button to take you to the homepage.

17 July 1999: Time for a change. This revision introduces yet another navigation model. This time based on frames - you'll see it on the left. Notice how it doesn't change when you jump to a new page.

There's a different model for the "frame-impaired".

A few other minor changes also.

13 April 1999: Lots of new stuff including:

New graphics and navigation model. I've done away with the nav bar at the bottom of each page in favour of the two columns of buttons.

A new gallery with three images from Hunts Creek, North Rocks (subsequently removed).

Two new images in the Australia and Somersby Falls Suite galleries.

In all, five new images:

Mist & Gums, Kosciuszko National Park, NSW, 1999 (subsequently reworked)

Somersby Falls, Brisbane Waters National Park, NSW, Australia, 1999

Hunts Creek, North Rocks, NSW Australia, 1999 (subsequently removed)

Hunts Creek, North Rocks, NSW, Australia, 1999 (subsequently removed)

Hunts Creek in flood, North Rocks, NSW, Australia, 1999 (subsequently removed)

And there may be more to come... Keep watching.

4 October 1998 : Finally. Total site revamp. New graphics, an essay on landscape photography and five new images:

Cardrona Hotel, Central Otago, New Zealand, 1992

Neates Glen, Blue Mountains, NSW Australia, 1997

Coolamine Homestead, Kosciusko National Park, NSW, Australia, 1998

Somersby Falls, Brisbane Waters National Park, NSW, Australia, 1997

Somersby Falls, Brisbane Waters National Park, NSW, Australia, 1998 (subsequently removed)

The site now contains four images of Somersby Falls which I have grouped together as my Somersby Falls Suite.

11 April 1998 : See my links page. It's a repository for all sorts of photography related links. It isn't intended to be exhaustive, rather it's just a collection of some stuff that I've found interesting or useful.

25 December 1997 : First major revision of the site. Improvements include:

  • splitting the single gallery into two (for quicker loading),
  • a single page for each image with comments and technical info,
  • fiddling with javascript (in the status bar).

20 May 1997 : The Carey Bird Photography website is launched. One gallery, eleven images, tons of enthusiasm...


The images on this site have been scanned at low resolution in order to minimise download times. This means that much of the tonality and gradation apparent in the original prints will not reproduce on your monitor.

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