The human body - Love it...or leave it!


Here are some links to sites which deal with body art,body modification and fashion. I became interested in body piercing and tattooing when I was 17, and used to run run a small business, Dis Pater Design, manufacturing piercing jewellery from 1997-2000. I have been meaning to get a tattoo as well for ages, but money and a good design have been lacking.

Like Desmond Morris, I have always found "people watching" fascinating. I love checking out people with modifications of one sort or another, and usually end up chatting to them. I think the saddest thing in the world is someone who gets work done and then regrets it afterwards.

"Our most important relationship is between ourselves and the creature which confronts us in the mirror...Homo Sapiens is the only designer species, and everywhere we look, we see men and women engaged in the task of transforming themselves into somthing never intended, and proudly displaying the results..."

--Ted Polhemus, Bodystyles,1988

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