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A selection of links to pages of photographic interest on my site. It grows and changes intermittently as I occasionally get free time to do updates. Pages very slowly being updated and put into More Photo Stuff below.

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About the bush fire problems in my suburb in December 2002.

More Photo Stuff

Gradually the site is being re-organised, starting here.

Some background....
I'm a retired computer technician who likes photography. I come at things from the technical angle and probably don't spend enough time just enjoying taking photos or watching the butterflies go by. More and more projects pile up and I seem to have less and less time to attend to them. Maybe if I gave up spending so much time on the Internet or doing things for the photo clubs or spending time fixing friends' and relatives' computers......
Sydney, Australia is my home and over the years have visited USA, UK, a bunch of European countries (including Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Poland in Iron Curtain days), Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Malaysia, Nepal and India and have taken a few photos along the way.

This site constantly under construction, I just wish I had more free time.