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General Comments and Introduction to Silkypix
Not a tutorial, just interesting items.

Note: Silkypix no longer used by me, stalled at V5 due to update costs, expensive in Australia due to exchange rates. I like the software but don't like their pricing.
This page randomly updated to try and keep links relevant - last updated  10/10/2017
 Silkypix Home Page
Developer Studio Pro 8
30 day trial, cost to license. Base cost allows 2 computers, extra cost for 3 computers.
Make sure to de-install (Help - Clear Product Key Registration) the software before de-commissioning a computer.
The  manual does get installed on the hard drive when Silkypix is installed.

Regular free updates occur as new camera models are added. Even some older versions are updated regularly and you need the serial number of your installed version to enable your update download. Find that number by "Help - Version Information" and cut and paste that Serial Number into the site's download box. Note that serial number somewhere to help with re-install after a hard drive crash.
Silkypix support can help if a disk crash prevents the de-install.
Silkypix Tutorial
This one just starting out so only basic information there as yet it seems, worth checking back now and then to see if more has been added.
 Free Download/Update Silkypix SE (now V4.4) for Panasonic

Free for Panasonic RAW cameras, it has most of the capability of the paid versions. The manual does get installed on the hard drive when SE is installed.
Free Casio version is here for EX-10 and EX-100 cameras only. Pentax/Ricoh free version seems to be here but only at V3. Free Fujifilm version is here.
Upgrade special deals for Panasonic, Pentax/Ricoh, Fujifilm and Tamron versions are on the V7 home page. No idea of prices as I do not have camera serial numbers to check with.
Interesting also is that the free Nikon NX-D is made by Silkypix but not obvious without digging inside various dll files.
Newest is Studio Developer SP free for Nokia Lumia phones.
Silkypix How-To

Major new features seem to be explained here. A general how-to for everything seems to have faded away. They radically change pages and links often.
Some Silkypix Tastes

Some interesting effects from Silkypix to download to add to the already installed tastes. Make sure to use the correct version Taste to match your software. Old page.
 My List of  V3 - V4 - V5 Pro DifferencesAn old Silkypix Review
 Some basic help in a DPReview threadFor discussions, use Google to search for "Silkypix forum"
or for "Silkypix help"

Comment about Manuals - hard to read at first but make more sense as you get used to the controls and their possibly unfamiliar names. Plenty of extra reading and explanations of how things work in digital imaging.  The appropriate manual is always installed on the hard drive at Silkypix install time, access via F1. Each time you try a new control, just read that section to see what it can do. The site has explanations of basic features (and new features in V8), start at the home page as pages do get changed around from time to time.
Important: After installation or updates, always check View - Display Settings - Enable Colour Management - Select ICC/ICM File - Specify the file that your monitor calibration program (such as Datacolor Spyder) created.