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Hailing from the small farming, surfing, vineyard town of Cowaramup near Margaret River in Western Australia Peggy grew up on healthy doses of Joni Mitchell and art bands like Talking Heads, Cocteau Twins and later on, singers like Sinead O'Connor and Bjork. Van Zalm kick - started her career in music co-founding the quirky folk/pop "Martha's Vineyard" in Perth who quickly generated a buzz, and enjoyed touring with the likes of INXS, The Saints, Weddings Parties Anything, Paul Kelly, The Triffids, Mental as Anything, the Go Betweens, Eurythmics and Simply Red. The music was at home on JJJ, MMM, ABC and Community Radios alike.

Later Van Zalm released a string of successful albums--1994's Soul Magic, and 1998's Revival (co-produced with Buzz Bidstrup of Gangajang/Cold Chisel) and earned rave reviews for her live performances. Then in 2001 came "Different World" the musical documentary of 18 months of touring which features some wonderful contributions from artists such as David Bridie, Fourplay, members of Utungan Percussion, Whitlams and more. The tour took in all the capital cities and many regional centres and included performances at Port Fairy and Woodford Festivals.

On completing the Different World tour, the mobile studio, once propped up in the back of the touring van, found a more permanent home at Red Dirt Records new base. Peggy found herself through happy circumstance, gradually drawn up meandering gravel roads to a small but vibrant community on the rainforested Bulga Plateau on the mid north coast of NSW. Ripe and ready to soak up the atmosphere and the change of pace and lifestyle - timing was right for wonderful and organic musical collaborations and just add nature's ambience and we have the current CD "Light Diamond". Once again co- produced with arts compatriot and partner Geoffrey Nant. The new disc features twelve diverse tracks and has many musical highlights.

Peggy is currently performing live with Tree-O with Geoff Nant on drums, Sandra Kwa on keyboards and Hugh Cowley on violin.

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PEGGY VAN ZALM's Blackberry Wine

In PEGGY VAN ZALM's BLACKBERRY WINE - Musical forces, spirits, talent, dedication and experience are melted together between Peggy, her colleague Geoff Nant and her dutch cousin Ger Schäfer.

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Music Lyrics:

read how Peggy writes her lyrics

please write to Red Dirt Records if you would like lyric sheets of any of Peggy's songs


Presently Peggy is busy recording a new cd! due to be released soon...please check back soon or join the contact list

to be kept up to date with the progress...meanwhile some lyrics from brand new songs to be included.

~Medicine Wheel ~

Putting it all together now a special blended potion I can recommend you try it

medicine wheel, oh medicine wheel

take a pinch of courage mix with freshly chilled perspective

shape with pure desire

medicine wheel, oh medicine wheel

now we're running, flying, moving, yeah yeah yeah gliding

weaving circles, spinning cycles on this medicine wheel...


~ Loving What Is~

Loving what is - is the challenge

Loving what is - is the key

Loving what is - can I manage

can I manage not to crucify me

Hit me one more time inner critic

hit me and see if I bleed

crashing in and messing up my party..yeah yeah

doin' dirty dirtier deeds


Life I am the sculptor

Life I am the seed

this breath breathing through me

these thoughts are thinking me...

Loving what is...this moment is all that I need

Waking up from misperceptions

shaping a new destiny.....


From Peggy's current CD Light Diamond:


Climbing up the wall - temperature's rising
oh dear yin, draw us in 'til we're up to the brim
where we swim through the thick and the thin -
oh sweet summer's gatherin' us in

We'll be rising up so tall, started out so small
On a whim and a song - its what carries us along
through the tears and the smiles
as we travel cross these miles

Been chasing shadows from our sight
disappearing with the light - oh mercy she can tell so well
Our intentions pave the way
Draw the night or paint the day
Oh Mercy she can tell so well - but she won't say

 From the EP "REVlVAL":

Wise, wise, wise, wise woman say
When the four winds blow just let them blow your way
To take us, to take us so far away
From the civilised world and cynical worldly ways
Then perhaps you and I can begin again, begin again
Only completely, completely begin again!


"Cool Rain"...

White cockatoos in a blue mountain afternoon
Flying 'cross the valley in a ritual salute
My eyes stretch out over the land
Nothing can soothe me like mother nature's hand
I"ll take this body, I'll take this mind, this desire to be alive
Like a thunderstorm in the summertime ah...a cool rain's coming by


Just say, day by day
Just say, we'll find the way leave it to Soul Magic
The secret road is beckoning, non-rational mind reckoning oh Soul
Enter the deep green rainforest of your being.


"Belly O" from Different World

In the belly of time I'm a captive of my own mind
In the clutches of flesh oh yes I'm a hostage - in the clutches of flesh and I keep

Searching for an answer directly from above you see
I've got myself soul searching for the absolute in love...


"Forever Today" from Different World

I followed my life to the naked cliffs, followed every moment with my breath baited

Waited for a sign, waited for a word, oh to make the leap or would the urge be to return

I followed my life to the breaking dawn, the rocks below and the sky above

to yield to spirit to die to form, forever today, Eternity is born.

With my arms outspread and my soul unfolding, Beyond survival I can hear you calling

Where there are no seasons, no need for time. Where being is the reason and I laugh so much I end up crying!

write to Peggy for more song lyrics.


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